Oracle Fall 2020

By: IlonaMakovetskaya, Grade 12 It’s so good to be back! The Adelphi spirit was stronger than ever as everyone entered the building — their academic “home” away from home — on the first day of school on September 14th, 2020. Student Advisory Board members went around to meet and greet the new students to get to know them. “It was so nice to meet the new students! They all seemed very ex- cited,” said returning student Erika, a member of Adelphi’s Class of 2021 and a first-year Student Advisory Board member. The excitement of being together in person again after being forced to be apart for so long could not be understated. Everything was so fa- miliar despite the many new safety protocols that were put into place for opening day. These included sanitiz- ing stations throughout the building and inside classrooms and common areas, colorful social distancing de- cals on the floors of all hallways and on the outside grounds, separate entrances for students in each grade level, and masks being worn at all times. Upper Schooler Maxelle, who is also in her first year serving on the Student Advisory Board, said, “My spirit was instantly lifted as I walked into the auditorium and saw all of my classmates. I never thought I could miss them so much, but for sure it’s a feeling you can’t match when learning with your classmates all together in person, rather than exclusively online.” The Lower, Middle and Upper School students were spaced out throughout the day, but still got to see each other in places such as the hallways and during House meet- ings. As with every first day of school at Adelphi, students were sent to their homerooms for the day and got to participate in fun icebreaker activities. The first day went by smoothly, as students left filled with excite- ment about what the rest of the school year will bring for them. Returning Student Advisory Board member Susan, who has served on the board for three years, said, “This year will be fantastic despite the circumstances that we are in. I’m glad everyone is following the new protocols to stay safe.” V O L U M E L X X I , I S S U E 1 THE ADELPHI ORACLE INSIDE THI S I SSUE : Founded 1863 8515 Ridge Boulevard Bay Ridge Brooklyn, New York 11209-4307 We’re on the Web! Follow Us @adelphiacademy Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn School News 1-12 Interview with An Adelphian 7, 9 Interview with a Faculty Member 8 Of the Months 10 Entertainment 13 Sports Talk 14 Science 15 Art 15 Talkin’ Tech 16 Gamer’s Guide 16 Food 17 Fashion 18 Comics 19 Puzzles 20 F A L L 2 0 2 0 Adelphians Make Safe Return ‘Home’ for Academy’s 158th Academic Year! Some members of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s Class of 2021 are pictured on the Academy’s grounds after catching up with each other on the first day of school. Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s students sanitize regularly and practice social distancing to stay safe during in-school learning.