Oracle Spring 2020

By: The Oracle Staff Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn, like so many other local schools during this trying time, has been forced to think differently about education and day-to-day operations in the age of coronavirus. The historic Bay Ridge private school, which has spent an incredible 157 years in dedicated service to the education of “the total child,” imple- mented an innovative distance learn- ing program to help stay connected with its students and their families amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Teach- ers are now using the latest video chatting software to conduct virtual lessons with their entire classes in real time, according to Academy officials. “We wanted to keep things as close to normal for our students as possible during this difficult time,” Head of School Ms. Iphigenia Romanos said. “Utilizing the latest technology, Adel- phi was able to quickly implement a state-of-the-art distance learning pro- gram that allows teachers and their students to connect in real time and keep up the routine of ‘going to school,’ albeit remotely.” The response has been over- whelmingly positive. In its first week alone, Middle School students conducted a timely virtual science experiment to show the effects of soap and water on a substance, while Lower Schoolers enjoyed a virtual trip to the aquarium and gathered for group story time with their teacher. In recent weeks, the program has expanded to include weekly school- wide virtual gatherings as well as homeroom challenges that award points for the class that answers a particular riddle or question cor- rectly in the shortest amount of time. Continued on page 2 V O L U M E L X X , I S S U E 3 THE ADELPHI ORACLE INSIDE THI S I SSUE : Founded 1863 8515 Ridge Boulevard Bay Ridge Brooklyn, New York 11209-4307 We’re on the Web! Follow Us @adelphiacademy Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn School News 1-11 A Moment of Science 12 Entertainment 13 Sports 14-15 Food 16 Gamer’s Guide 16 Talkin’ Tech 17 Dining Guide 18 Fashion 19 Comics 20 Adelphians give the Academy’s distance learning program a consensus thumbs up! S P R I N G 2 0 2 0 Adelphi’s Innovative Distance Learning Program Keeping Students Engaged! Middle Schooler Svetlana conducts an experiment at home as part of Adelphi’s distance learning program!