Oracle FALL 2023

By: Rebecca Nasimov, Grade 10 We’re making history! On September 11, Adelphi Acad- emy of Brooklyn began its historic 161st academic year, opening its doors for the first day of school to welcome excited new and returning Adelphians. Adelphi’s Musical Director and Dean of Faculty Mr. Bates said, “It was exciting to kick off our first day of school with Adelphi’s 161st An- niversary.” There was enthusiasm among the students as they entered the John Lockwood Auditorium, where they got to meet their peers, classmates, and faculty members. “I was excited to meet my friends,” Lower Schooler Aiden said. As friendships were already forming, each class was called to its homeroom. That was when the fun started! Throughout the first week of school, teachers worked together to construct fun activities, known as icebreakers, for their students. Such activities included an inspirational snowball game, a “getting to know your classmates” bingo game, and a teamwork drawing game. Playing these icebreakers allowed Adelphi- ans to adjust to their classmates and school, creating an environment to encourage students to share ideas and fully participate in classes. Faculty member Ms. Isufi said, “It was amazing and inspiring to start off a new school year with so many talented students.” Students began to get familiar with each other when playing the bingo games. They shared about themselves and their interests. In the course of the bingo game, things got interesting, and students started to get competitive. Some even had “blackouts,” meaning they filled their entire board! Next came an inspirational snow- ball game, where each student wrote an encouraging quote on a piece of paper, crumbling it into a snowball and tossing it at another student to read aloud. This icebreaker showed how students also have another fam- ily at Adelphi that they can trust to reach their full potential. Last, but not least, Adelphians used their teamwork skills in order to take part in the drawing activity. Small groups were created among students, who passed each other a piece of paper, drawing one big masterpiece. Continued on page 2 V O L U M E L X X I V , I S S U E 1 THE ADELPHI ORACLE INS IDE THI S I SSUE : Founded 1863 8515 Ridge Boulevard Bay Ridge Brooklyn, New York 11209-4307 We’re on the Web! Follow Us @adelphiacademy Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn School News 1-16 Q&A 13, 16 Of the Months 14-15 Sports 17-18 Art 19 Fashion 20 Entertainment 21 Science 22 Technology 23 Gaming 24 Food 25 Beauty 26 Comics 27 Puzzles 28 F A L L 2 0 2 3 Middle Schoolers Edward (left) and Eliam show off the official logo for Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s 2023-2024 academic year hanging in the Main Hall. Adelphians enjoyed taking part in creative icebreakers during the first week of school. Adelphians Begin the Academy’s Historic 161st Year With a Smile!