Oracle Winter 2021

By: The Oracle Staff Love was in the air as Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn celebrated Valentine’s Day on Thursday, Febru- ary 11th, 2021 with its Annual Red, White & Pink Valentine’s Dress Down Day! Students, faculty and staff came to school dressed in the colors of the season as part of this special day de- voted to the international day of love. Adelphians also showed love for each other and the Academy by giving and receiving Valentine’s Day Candy Grams. Members of Adelphi’s Student Advisory Board delivered hundreds of these special items, which included delicious lollipops and candies as well as adorable plush toys, to their excited recipients throughout the day. Students of all ages posed for pho- tos in front of a giant backdrop featur- ing original works of Valentine- themed art that they had colored in for the special day. The artwork, which was sketched by Adelphi faculty member Mr. DeCrescenzo, included cutouts of Cupid as well as adorable animals holding hearts. Proud students enjoyed finding and pointing to the ones they had worked on individually. Adelphi Academy Head of School Ms. Iphigenia Romanos said, “Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s Annual Red, White & Pink Dress Down Day serves as the perfect opportunity for students and staff members to show love for each other and their school by sending and receiving special candy grams — all while dressed in colors associated with Valentine’s Day! Having the students assist in creating the decora- tions for this special day made every- one feel more connected to the event and gave them a chance to really show their love for Adelphi.” Upper Schooler Isabella agreed with Ms. Romanos wholeheartedly. “I loved being able to make my friends smile with the grams I sent. I received some from my friends as well, which felt great,” she said. While most of the candy grams were exchanged openly among friends, some clever Adelphians added extra excitement to the process by sending their grams anonymously. This led to recipients trying to guess which of their friends had sent them those spe- cial lollipops, candies or plush toys! Upper Schooler Maxim, for in- stance, said he received several anonymous candy grams that day. “I was surprised by how many sweets and secret admirer plush toys I received on Red, White & Pink Day,” he said. “I am still trying to figure out who they came from!” In the days leading up to the event, students also took part in several Val- entine’s Day-themed class projects. Lower Schoolers designed their very own catapults using popsicle sticks and spoons, then took turns launching candy hearts into the air, hoping to spread love as far as the moon! Continued on page 4 Adelphi Celebrates Valentine’s Day With a Colorful Dress Down Event! V O L U M E L X X I , I S S U E 2 THE ADELPHI ORACLE INSIDE THI S I SSUE : Founded 1863 8515 Ridge Boulevard Bay Ridge Brooklyn, New York 11209-4307 We’re on the Web! Follow Us @adelphiacademy Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn School News 2-13 Faculty Focus 5 Interview with a Faculty Member 7 Of the Months Interviews 11-13 Entertainment 14-16 EXCLUSIVE: Interview with a Disney Star 14 Sports 17-18 Science 19 Talkin’ Tech 20 Gamer’s Guide 20 Food 21 Beauty 22 Art 22 Comics 23 Puzzles 24 W I N T E R 2 0 2 1 Upper Schooler Ilona strikes a loving pose in front of the backdrop! Lower Schoolers Martin, Annamaria and Vanessa show their love for Adelphi! Lower Schooler Jenna shows off her Valentine’s Day catapult!