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Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn2 days ago
WORDS OF WISDOM: As we reflect upon the successful completion of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn's historic 158th academic year — and prepare to welcome students back for another exciting year of in-person learning at Adelphi — we commend all those Adelphians who stayed #AdelphiStrong throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Their indomitable will brings to mind these sage words of wisdom by Mahatma Gandhi.
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn6 days ago
THIS WEEK AT ADELPHI: Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s Technology & Design Laboratory and Office of Academy of Advancement have been putting the finishing touches on the Academy’s very special Adelphi Strong! Commemorative Journal, featuring congratulatory messages pertaining to Adelphi’s successful 158th academic year as well as its recent musical production, “Adelphi Strong!” This one-of-a-kind digital journal also features student work inspired by the word “strong” and their interpretation of the theme of strength and resilience. Check out this preview of awesome artwork — just some of what you can expect to see inside!
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn1 week ago
WORDS OF WISDOM: Talented members of the Brooklyn Youth Music Project’s 2021 Summer Music Camp have been filling the halls of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn with elegant music thanks to Adelphi's very special partnership with the prestigious youth orchestra and jazz ensemble. Adelphi is proud to host this year's camp and staff members are enjoying the campers' orchestral offerings. Here are some words of wisdom from ancient Greek philosopher Plato reflecting on the power of music!
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn
Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn2 weeks ago
THIS WEEK AT ADELPHI: Although Tropical Storm Elsa brought some heavy rains to Brooklyn later in the week, Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn still saw sunny skies and temperatures in the 90s before the storm made landfall. Here’s a look at Adelphi’s spacious grounds being illuminated by the hot summer sun!

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