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Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn offers a comprehensive blend of academic course work and project-based extracurricular activities as part of its innovative SHTEAM program, open to Middle and Upper School students. For the 2020-2021 academic year, this program is composed of the following:

  • Science (Space Exploration, Earthlings, Forensics)
  • Humanities (The Adelphi Oracle student newspaper, The Adelphian Literary Art Journal, Foreign Film)
  • Technology (Robotics)
  • Engineering (Lego Architecture, Architecture and Engineering)
  • Art (Origami, Honors Art, Aesthetic Art, Calligraphy, Adelphi Musicians, Chorus)
  • Mathematics (Developmental Math, Mathematic Logic)

For more information on Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s SHTEAM program, contact the Main Office at 718-238-3308.